Why does the Brisbane City Council say low-emission Euro6 technology instead of saying DIESEL?

Because they think all the ratepayers are stupid and will think that “low-emission Euro6 technology” is some fancy electric bus instead of the reality which is a DIESEL powered bus.

It’s the same with their claim that Brisbane is a New World City which is utter bollocks and what does it even really mean?

Council remains committed to delivering Australia’s most modern public and active transport. We have launched 10 new articulated buses which run on low-emission Euro6 technology and installed Speed Awareness Monitors across 100 locations, contributing to Brisbane’s reputation as a New World City.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor February 2018 Living in Brisbane

We are committed to delivering Australia’s most modern public and active transport. World-class public transport means fewer cars on the road and quicker, more comfortable trips for residents.

February 2018 Living in Brisbane

World class public transport in Brisbane? I can only assume that he really believes that and has never been to any European countries and used their public transport system because he should be embarrassed at the the state of public transport in Australia and the amount of money that we waste for example on trying to make articulated buses look like light rail trains.

The Brisbane Metro is a road for a DIESEL powered articulated BUS for a BILLION dollars!

The Brisbane City Council want you to believe that the Brisbane Metro is a high tech electric light rail system with matching sleek light rail vehicle but the truth is so far from reality.

They will use words like “Metro Lines” for what are actually roads and “High Capacity Vehicles” for articulated buses.

A bus is a bus no matter how much you spend on it to try and disguise it.

Recognising the need to act, Brisbane City
Council announced Brisbane Metro in early 2016
as a way of addressing Brisbane’s inner-city bus
network congestion issues

Brisbane Metro Business Case Key Findings May 2017

So the solution from the Brisbane City Council to a bus congestion issue is to buy more buses!

In the Brisbane Metro Vehicle Design and Delivery Registration of Interest the level of deception to Brisbane ratepayers is shown with the following under 1.8 Metro Vehicle Design Specifications.

Body design: a modern and distinctive style that
differentiates the vehicles from other public transport
services and reflects similar high-capacity metro
services around the world

Brisbane Metro Vehicle Design and Delivery Registration of Interest

So what does Metro mean? Ask just about anyone but you will find that they take it to mean an electric light rail system. But what about a dictionary?

Even the diagrams make them look like light rail.

So why can’t the Brisbane City Council just say it’s a road with buses on it? Why do they feel the need to mislead the public and lie about what the bus really is? After all they keep telling us we are a New World City whatever that means!